The PROFESSOR OWEN TAM ADIKIBI SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION (POTAF) is a non-profit organization established formally as a legal entity on 26th August 2015. The fundamental aim of the Foundation is to contribute to the progress of humanity through the encouragement of educational pursuits.

Based on the experience and belief of the Founder that the talents of brilliant children need not be wasted or underdeveloped because of poverty, the Foundation intends to achieve the following objectives:

i. To provide opportunity in the way of awarding scholarships to brilliant and deserving children from poor/deprived backgrounds to obtain credible education in institutions of higher learning (mainly Universities) in Nigeria and/or Overseas;
ii. To achieve the yearning of the Founder to share his “blessings” with the poor and deprived section of society into which he was born; and,
iii. To demonstrate the entrenched belief of the Founder that loving our “neighbours” by sharing our blessings and fortune will lead to global happiness and peace.

The Foundation believes in the truth underlining the age-long saying that “Knowledge is Power” as demonstrated by the socio-economic development of the advanced country which derived from education. The less advanced countries, particularly the African countries, must emulate this and encourage creative and innovative education to develop their societies.

The Foundation offers annual university scholarships in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Law and Information Technology (I.T). This, however, will be broadened to include other fields of study in the future. The Foundation pursues its noble objectives in the spirit of the Founder’s belief that education should be available to all.