What happens in the case of a student falling ill before or during term time ?

This will be investigated by the award committee and a decision will be made which may involve deferment of the course if required.

Will the fees and maintenance payments still be made during strikes?

Yes, payments will be made as required until the course is completed

How will the fees and maintenance payments be made?

Fees and maintenance payments will be made to the students directly. They will consist of 2 payments, with the second payment being made on receipt of the school fees payment relevant institution.

Do you give grants for medical business startups?

Currently, POTAF does not provide financial assistance commercially for businesses.

Do you offer scholarships for those interested in pursuing an MSc or a PhD?

POTAF has not yet begun its scholarship category for post graduate studies, however information will become available via the website as soon as they commence.

Do you offer Scholarships for Nigerian students schooling abroad?

The Prof. Adikibi foundation currently awards scholarships only to individuals that have been granted provisional acceptance to its listed schools.

Do you offer scholarships to students already in school?

The POTAF currently covers students who are commencing their undergraduate degrees. However the scholarship award committee reserves the right to award non-freshers in exceptional circumstances.

What are the criteria for award and sustenance of POTAF scholarship ?

Visit www.adikibischolarships.org for more information on criteria etc.

Do you sponsor scientific research?

The POTAF does not sponsor scientific research currently, however this is an area we are considering investing in within the near future.